General Data Protection Regulation - GDPR(Rozporządzenie o Ochronie Danych Osobowych - RODO)

Nowe unijne wymogi bezpieczeństwa - spełnij je szyfrowaniem od ESET


Complying with the GDPR: the role of encryption

If you do operate in the EU, the new General Data Protection Regulation will almost certainly affect you. It doesn’t come into force until May 2018, but its implications are complex and the potential penalties for non-compliance severe. Encrypting data that you hold is one way to help you meet the new data security rules. Read on to find out how encryption can help you comply.

How our encryption solution works to help you comply with the GDPR

By securely encrypting the personal data records you hold, your business or organisation can protect itself in the event of a system breach. That’s because such incidents are much less likely to be regarded by regulatory authorities as a compliance failure if the data is properly encrypted. ESET Endpoint Encryption uses a combination of public and private keys to make encryption as simple and powerful as possible for organizations of all sizes.

The benefits of ESET Endpoint Encryption

With ESET Endpoint Encryption, you can safely encrypt hard drives, removable media, files and email, using the industry-recognized FIPS 140-2 Validated 256 bit AES encryption standard for assured security. And with our hybrid-cloud based management server, you have full remote control of endpoint encryption keys and security policy.

How prepared are you for the GDPR?

As the deadline approaches for compliance with the GDPR, you’ll need to know how much progress you�re making towards meeting the new requirements. That’s why we’ve created this customized compliance check, which lets you examine your data protection preparations, and highlight areas that will require more attention. It’s free to take, and will result in a free, detailed report, customized to your business.

Pobierz bezpłatny przewodnik po GDPR

Specjaliści firmy ESET przygotowali dokument szczegółowo opisujący wpływy nowej unijnej regulacji na Twoją działalność.

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